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RERA in Chennai Real Estate

What is RERA?

The Real Estate ( RERA Chennai Real Estate) Act makes it required for all business like commercial land and private land ventures where the land is more than 5281 square feet or 500 square meters, or eight flats, to enroll  (register) with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) for doing real estate projects and its mandatory for all layout developers and builders, to give more prominent straightforwardness in venture advertising and execution.

Real Estate’s agents, property developers or plot and Flat promoters, and builders are not mandatory to register venture which is little – if the property of the land which will be created is under 5381 square feets and 500 square foots and quantity of condos is below eight are not applicable to register RERA. This details may vary from state to state

RERA in Chennai

 Will Postpone In RERA for ongoing Projects this causes a worry to Customers in Chennai’s Real Estate :

The city additionally lost essential time for the strength of restriction under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act.  When different states were well working towards laying out their RERA directions, Tamil Nadu. This, as well, has fallen seriously on the city’s realty scene post RERA execution.

The Land Developers society is suspicious about what will be the State’s viewpoint on RERA, when is it going to be shaped, and what will be the directions. The land promoters and builders are likewise not in a position to adequately educate the clients on what the extra expenses will be, if RERA comes into Proper Position

Should buyers aware of ongoing projects?

Customers should be aware of to evade danger of getting secured a postponed venture. The Construction or builder is probably going to offer ownership on time if a project has mandatory acceptance in addition finance from a bank. You can request the development plan or weekly schedule from a developer. Designers need to give development advance reports to guarantee installments for development connected property appointments. In case a settlement or installment hasn’t been declared within a time duration it is an indication of the venture going off Commitment.

Will ongoing projects be Included in RERA? 

The RERA Act holds guarantees for the current customers who need to buy land or flat in Real estate, both commercial and Residential properties, who have still not got ownership of their properties. As per the RERA Act Implement by Parliament a few years ago, which should be applied completely in all states, each ongoing progressing projects a, d under-development projects is gathered gone under the RERA

Effect in real estate industry because of RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority)

  • The Huge amount increased the investment of project cost more than planned in initial.
  • An accumulation of uncompleted work
  • Increased in construction site cost and layout cost
  • It increases the residential area cost?

GST Structure Details in India

The GST Council has announced four rates for services – 5, 12, 18 and 28 percent. In Real Estate the government announced 18% GST which contains 9% for state government (SGST) and 9% for central government (CGST).

GST Real Estate

Can will customers buy their dream homes with less cost under GST?

Under the GST Rules and terms, all under-construction properties will be charged at 12 percent on property value(except stamp duty and registration fees). They are not applicable to finished projects and ready to move flats/apartments in real estate industry. After upcoming all the projects under GST, Real Estate property developers and builders are made to pay 18% of Property value to the government.So the base price of ready to move flats and villas are increased the cost due to GST.

Will GST affect ready to move apartments?

GST won’t applicable to ready for flats or projects and finished projects.

In the ongoing projects and construction and land/ plot projects, promoters are rise to 18% GST from 12  percent. So its increased nearly 6  percent value for such all residential and commercial properties. Then there are no other any taxes to pay by consumers.




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